Dr Mohamed Mubashir.TC

Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda

About Our Medical Director

Dr. Mohamed Mubashir.TC BAMS, PGDACP, DNYS.

A trusted, patient focused doctor with a proven track record of serving patients successfully through great precision in diagnosing and management of illnesses. He has vast clinical experience of 6+ years in treating umpteen numbers of complicated diseases.

He handles therapeutic yoga training sessions which keeps the body immune and avails enormous health benefits. He is an invited speaker for the seminars and symposiums on health concepts in school and colleges. He also delivers public talks for creating health awareness among the people in urban and rural community.

Coming closer, He has an encouraging attitude with strong capability of inspiring others Easy going with administrative skills, Tolerant nature especially during times of extreme duress. He is conversant in Arabic and other regional languages, which aids him to be patient friendly. His commitment and dedication towards Ayurveda have transformed into a great success in delivering quality and result oriented treatments to people on a very large scale.

Get to Know Your Doctor

  • Graduated from TN Dr.MGR Medical University, Tamilnadu, One of the prestigious institutions of the country.
  • Well trained in Central Research Institute of Panchakarma (CRIP), Cheruthuruthy.
  • He has pursued Diplomas in Acupuncture (IGNOU), yoga and naturopathy.
  • Recently undergoing fellowship in Orthopedic Rehabilitation in Apollo, Medvarsity.
  • An Ardent member of Ayurvedic Medical Association of India (AMAI), a keen participant in various CME, seminars, workshops across the nation.

His expertise in managing orthopedic and neurological disorders stands outstanding and radically distinct in applying modern advancements to the ancient science of Ayurveda. Many of Lumbar spondylosis (Intervertebral disc prolapse) cases could avoid surgeries when treated with his unique treatment protocols.

His sound knowledge on Panchakarma (5 fold therapy) enables him treating various neurological and Rheumatological conditions. He skillfully performs the Marma therapy – Vital chiropractice, a boon to many crippling ailments. He is an expert in Clinical Acupuncture, hijama – cupping therapy, providing instant relief and also serve as a supportive treatment in certain group of disorders. He races in studying new concepts and advancement in the clinics.

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