Clinical cosmetology services

Consultation, diagnosis and treatments of various cosmetic concerns. Specialized clinics for pigmentation disorders, acne, hair loss, anti-aging, eye care, nail care and hair reduction.

Well-equipped photo treatments with Intense Pulsed Light system.

Pigment Clinic

Treatments are designed to reduce the deeper and resistant discoloration and pigmentation. Pigment clinic helps to visibly reduce the deeper and resistant discoloration and pigmentation of various etiology like freckles ( dark spots on face), facial melanosis, melasma etc.

Acne Clinic

The active acne and the scars are treated in a safe, medically appropriate manner. These treatments help to heal existing lesion, prevents scarring and minimize the psychological stress and embarrassment caused by acne and scars.

Hair Clinic

Our qualified and trained specialists offers customized treatments in various hair related concerns such as hair fall, dandruff, seborrhic dermatitis, thinning of hair, etc. We also provide hair reduction treatments for excessive and unwanted hair on face and body with ultra modern SHR system.

Anti Aging Clinic

Anti aging clinic includes a wide variety of cosmeceuticals, photo facials, chemical peels, wrinkle reduction masks, etc which helps to retain the youthful look.

Eye Care Clinic

Precise treatments to get rid of under eye dark circles and bags, eye puffiness crow feet etc. and helps to brighten the area around eyes.

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