Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

About Doctor

Senior Physician – Focuz AyurCentre & Principal – Focuz Ayur Academy

Having an extensive clinical and academic experience of 8 years in the field of Ayurveda. A competent individual, mature, candid, believes in integrity, qualified professional working with multicultural healthcare organizations, wellness and treatment centres.

He has served his services in various hospitals and is a well-trained doctor worked under many professional and eminent doctors.

An Ayurvedic doctor with international experience with vast knowledge in the area of Ayurveda treatment for fracture and sprain. He has got a magical hand in curing ortho and neuro related diseases and has exhibited his excellence in these areas through his 8+ years of professional experience. His care of patient before, during and after the treatment has always made him outstand in his career as a medical practitioner.


  • Bachelor of ayurvedic medicine and surgery 2008.
  • He has participated in various national and international seminars of different reputed institutes inside and outside of Kerala.
  • He has shown his active participation in various medical education programmes and camps.
  • Ayurvedic health care counselling.
  • Diet and life style counselling.
  • Training staff with ayurvedic therapies.

He has also shown his calibre as a trainer for Ayurvedic paramedical and therapy students. A reliable person with the ability to take on responsibilities and fulfil them with proper time management. He is a multilingual person with the ability to handle more than 5 languages.

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